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Sexual Misconduct Case Against Military Service Member Dismissed

Victory Legal saved the career of a First Class Petty Officer accused of serious sexual misconduct at an Administrative Separation Board. Our client was facing separation from the Navy with a discharge under other than honorable conditions. That classification of service could have had serious ramifications with respect to military benefits, as well as future employment prospects. Mark A. Kaiman provided an aggressive defense at the ADSEP Board, and demonstrated conclusively to the Board members that the government could not prove any misconduct, even under the lower evidentiary standard of “preponderance of the evidence.” Another military career saved. Our client will resume his duties, and continue to serve with honor and distinction.


If you’re facing a military justice matter such as a court-martial, NJP, or ADSEP Board, call the experts at Victory Legal Services and let us help you continue with your mission. Remember that Our Mission is Your Defense.

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