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Q: When is the deadline for appealing my case?

A: In Civil cases a litigant must typically wait for a final judgment before he or she may appeal. An appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of entry of final judgment. It is possible to have the Court of Appeals review a preliminary court ruling, but the Court of Appeals is not required to do this.

In Criminal cases an appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of the entry of final judgment. Typically this is the date of sentencing, which may be concurrent with the conviction date.

In Administrative cases, such as DOL hearings, the appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days from when the decision is issued, rather the date that the suspension becomes effective.

In Federal cases the window to file an Appeal is only fourteen (14) days. This is done by filing a petition with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. On very rare occasions, an unfavorable decision from this court may be heard by the United States Supreme Court, if the Court chooses to do so.

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