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The first 48 hours

You never expected this to happen. But it has, and once an arrest occurs, the criminal prosecution process progresses rapidly.

The first 48 hours after any encounter with the police can weigh heavily on the ultimate outcome of your case. Will there be confinement in jail awaiting court dates? Will the court allow for bail? Will the police conduct an interrogation? What charges will the prosecution ultimately file? All of these things and more can be permanently decided within the first 48 hours directly following an arrest, so it is highly imperative to have legal representation who can be proactive and give sage and correct advice.

With lawyers on our staff who are former prosecutors, Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone stands ready to help clients during this crucial 48-hour period and beyond. We routinely represent clients at their first court appearance or arraignment as well as provide an initial free one-hour consultation.

Proper legal representation at this crucial stage can result in a reduced bail or maybe ever result in release without any bail. Our attorneys can also guide the accused through police questioning and help clients understand charges.

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