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Domestic Violence Protection Orders

For victims of family violence, abuse or neglect are very important, and false allegations can have a huge effect on the rights of those who have been convicted.

If you are dealing with domestic violence in your family, you need a lawyer who is both compassionate and strong. At Victory Legal, we understand the delicate nature of these cases. We can represent you no matter what your situation is.

What is a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO)?

In Washington, individuals who have experienced family violence or who are threatened with violence can ask the court for legal protection. A judge can issue an order of protection or restraining order against the abuser, based on physical, emotional, or mental abuse. This order limits or restricts the abuser’s actions, providing protection for the victim.

A protection order can include terms such as:

  • Significantly limit or prohibit contact by various modes of communication
  • Require supervision of child exchanges
  • Grant one individual the use or ownership of a shared home

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