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Legal Question: Statute of Limitations for DUI

What is the statute of limitations for a DUI? I received mine 30 years ago?

The statute of limitations on a DUI (gross misdemeanor) is two years. That means that the prosecuting authority in the county or city you live in has two years to file the charge starting on the date of the incident.

If your alleged DUI occurred 30 years ago, you are more than safe. However, if charges were filed 30 years ago, and you failed to appear in court, a warrant may have issued. Misdemeanor warrants are normally valid for 10 years, and can be renewed. Practically speaking, however, even if a warrant were active for 30 years (a big if!), it is unlikely that anyone could prove a 30 year old DUI charge. Evidence disappears. Memories fade. Police officers and witnesses retire, move away, or die. You’re probably in the clear either way.

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