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Attorney Adrian Madrone Earns 5-Stars for Criminal Defense Case

LKM Criminal Defense Lawyer Adrian Madrone recently received an excellent review received from criminal defense client’s parents. His review is posted to, the world’s leading online legal services marketplace. Avvo is a legal marketing website that rates lawyers and allows potential clients to post legal questions and receive replies from participating lawyers. And it also allows clients to locate the highest ranked local criminal defense lawyer to suit their needs.

Here is the client’s high praise about Adrian’s work posted on

“My son (like many college students), realized the hard way that being free of his parents restrictions, and the added influences of his peers a little to much to manage….and one night found himself in legal trouble. He was charged with shoplifting alcohol and minor in possession, along with a couple of lessor offenses. Well, coming from a mother’s point of view Adrian performed a miracle of sorts by getting my son back his life after a night of very bad choices!! At the end of the day my son was charged with MIP, his sentence was community service and alcohol classes. As long as he has no reoccurring incidents within the next 24 months his record will be free and clear.

I couldn’t be more appreciative! The kid that committed that crime, was NOT the boy we raised, and to see him be able to right this wrong without having it haunt him the rest of his life is something I will forever be grateful to Adrian for. I would never hesitate to put your legal issues into his hands. Thank you Adrian for all your help.”

***** 5 Star Review, Posted March 11, 2017, by Carolyn.

Furthermore, you can view Attorney Adrian Madrone full professional legal profile, including his on-line legal questions and answer on AVVO, linked here.

About Attorney Adrian Madrone

Adrian is a 2007 graduate of University of Washington Law School in Seattle, WA. He began his criminal law career at the Northwest Defender’s Association as a public defender. Later, he worked as a law clerk in King County Superior Court for the Honorable Judge Steven González. Presently, Adrian is share owner and partner in the Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone law firm.

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