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What to do After a DUI Arrest

It’s not uncommon for a DUI to be the only tarnish on an otherwise spotless record. A good person can make a poor decision and suddenly find themselves facing a DUI arrest. Regardless of intentions, DUIs are serious offenses that carry heavy consequences. A guilty sentence can result in large fines, community service, loss of license, insurance penalties and hurdles to future employment. The long lasting repercussions of a guilty DUI verdict are why it’s vital to take the right steps as soon as you can. Here are the immediate steps you should take if you’re arrested for a DUI.

Contact a Lawyer

The lawyers of Victory Legal Services have decades of experience in the legal system and have a long track record of successfully defending those accused of DUIs. State law allows persons arrested for DUI to speak to a lawyer before taking a breath or blood test. Never waive your right to counsel. Tell the arresting police officer that you want to speak with us at 360-685-4221. We are available on the weekends to offer urgent legal assistance.

DUI cases move quickly and the best way we can help you is by getting involved immediately.

Get Out of Jail

It is policy that drivers arrested for a DUI must be booked into jail. We can assist you in getting released, either through your own recognizance or helping you to arrange bail. We have relationships with a number of bail bond agencies around town and work with them frequently on behalf of our clients.

Locate Your Vehicle

After you were arrested for a DUI, a tow company was called and your vehicle was hauled to an impound lot in town. Tow companies are required to hold your vehicle for a minimum of 12 hours before they can release it to you and most generally charge by the minute to hold your car in their lot. After you’ve contacted us, we can help you locate your vehicle quickly and avoid exorbitant fees.

Determine Your Court Date

DUI cases move fast. Within one court day of your DUI arrest, state law requires a mandatory court appearance. If you were not allowed to get out of jail within the first 8 to 12 hours, this court hearing usually occurs inside the jail. If you did get released, it is likely your court hearing may be held at 9:45 AM the next morning or at 2:30 PM that afternoon. We can help determine when you first need to appear in court for your DUI.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Victory Legal Services offers a free, one-hour long consultation where we examine your DUI case and look for ways that we can help. This is a completely free service that both prepares you for your case and familiarizes us with it should you choose to hire our attorneys as your defense.

Attend Your First Court Hearing

Never go to court alone. While this is just the first hearing, there is already the possibility your freedom may be restricted at this early stage. As part of your consultation, we will defend you at the first appearance hearing of your DUI case.

During this initial hearing, the court will review the reasons the police officer had for arresting you, consider what restrictions, if any, to place on you before trial, potentially impose a higher bail amount or place you on pre-trial probation.

Hire Your Defense Team

Lustick, Kaiman, & Madrone

The lawyers of Victory Legal Services have defended thousands of DUI arrest cases over the years. We will help you navigate the trial, assist you in keeping your license, and bear some of the emotional weight of the event. With an experienced lawyer at your side, you are free to put your mental energy into other things while we work tirelessly on your behalf.

Contact us today if you need help with your DUI case. We are ready to bring our experience to court for you.

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