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Ready to Purchase your Plane?

Our Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching Services Makes Your Dream Airplane More Attainable

Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching

For pilots searching to buy their dream airplane, there is a lot of danger lurking at every turn. In today’s nationwide seller’s market, which is almost 100% across state lines and on the Internet, you need someone on your side who can safely get you through the aircraft buying process. You need aircraft buyer’s coaching.

For almost 20 years, Attorney Jeffrey Lustick has helped first-time aircraft buyers from around the nation land their dream planes as well as pilots wanting to either buy or sell their airplanes, ultralights, gliders or helicopters.

With his aviation knowledge and legal experience, Jeff coaches aircraft buyers behind the scenes. When the seller prefers, Jeff can take an active role in the negotiations process directly with the seller. He also protects your interests by preparing all the needed purchase documents to easily and legally transfer ownership and registration of your new aircraft to you.

Questions to answer before purchasing a plane.

  • What kind of airplane do I want?
  • Which airplane do I actually need?
  • What features do I really want in my new airplane?
  • How much will it cost to maintain, operate, and insure my airplane?
  • How do I know if the airplane I want to buy was well maintained?
  • What do I do if the plane I want to buy has a damage history?
  • How do I get the airplane that I am buying back to my home airport?
  • Where do I keep the airplane once I buy it and bring it to my airport?

Jeff works with your to answers these important questions and more. He puts his years of knowledge of aviation and aircraft ownership to work for you. Together with a trusted mechanic, he examines aircraft logs and evaluates the preliminary condition of the aircraft that you are interested in. Jeff also assists you in arranging for a pre-buy inspection wherever the airplane may be. Jeff helps you negotiate the price, costs, and taxes that you will pay when buying your dream plane. He is with you every step of the way.

The current nationwide aircraft seller’s market moves fast. Often by the time you see your dream plane, it has already been scooped up by another buyer. Jeff regularly shops all the major aircraft websites and scours the listings. He has a great feel for proper aircraft pricing and what is available at various dealers throughout the year. He also has good relationships with many of the major nationwide aircraft dealers, which can sometimes open doors and garner the plane you want before it gets listed nationwide.

Lustick Kaiman & Madrone Aviation Law is enrolled in the AOPA Pilot Protection plan. Members of this plan may be entitled to receive discounts on Aircraft Buyer’s Coaching from the firm.

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